Meals Taste Better With Fresh Vegetables

Find locally grown veggies at our produce farm in Marcy, NY. We are Just a Short Drive Away from Utica, NY!

Don't settle for store-bought veggies. Buy vegetables picked daily from our fields to your table. Instead, visit Candella's Farm & Greenhouses to load up on fresh vegetables grown right here in Marcy, NY. Everything is fresh picked daily, undeniably tasty we welcome special orders and we look forward to work with people for their canning and freezing needs.

Purchase your fresh vegetables from our produce farm in Marcy, NY today. We are Just a Short Drive Away from Utica, NY!

Candella's Farm has been growing local produce for generations! We grow over 200 acres of non-GMO. Join the local movement ....

Candella's Farm picks fresh from field to farm stand daily so you are ensures the freshest produce. We pick fresh produce everyday, meet large quantity requests for freezing & canning and offer many specials.

  • Beets, July thru close
  • Blueberries, July into Aug
  • Broccoli, Aug thru close
  • Brussel Sprouts - Oct thru close
  • Cabbage, Aug thru close
  • Cantaloupes, Aug and Sept
  • Cauliflower Sept to Oct
  • Cherries, July and July
  • Corn, mid-July thru Oct Cousa - mid-July thru Sept - Get on the list!
  • Cucumbers, July thru end Sept
  • Eggplant, July thru Oct
  • Garlic, Aug through Oct
  • Green beans, July thru early October
  • Green Onions, July thru Oct
  • Hot Peppers, July thru Oct - Long Green Hots; Cherry Hots; Jalapeños; Hungarians
  • Indian Corn, Corn Stalks & Gourds, Sept thru Oct
  • Lettuce (various) June thru Oct
  • Melons, July thru Sept
  • Onions, June thru close
  • Winter Keeping Onions, October thru close
  • Peas - late June thru Late July
  • Pickles, July thru Sept
  • Plum Tomatoes, Aug thru Oct
  • Potatoes, Late Sept thru Nov (local)
  • Pumpkins, Jack-o-Lantern & Pie - Sept thru late Oct
  • Red Long Hots Peppers, end August thru End of October - get on the List!
  • Raspberries - Early July thru end of July
  • Romano - Pole Beans -July/ August thru Sept
  • Squash - yellow Summer -June thru Sept
  • Squash-winter, Aug thru close
  • Strawberries, June and July - WATCH US ON FACEBOOK FOR YOU PICK OPENING DAY!
  • Summer Squash Jun thru Sept
  • Sweet Basil - July thru Sept
  • Swiss Chard - Aug thru Sept
  • Sweet Peppers Jun thru Sept - Bell Peppers, Cubanelle Frying, Color - Red, Orange, Yellow, Mini-Red Bells
  • Tomatoes, July thru end of October
  • Winter Squash - late Sept thru Nov
  • Yellow Beans - July thru Sept
  • Zucchini Squash - June they Early October
  • We also offer fresh New York State peaches, apricots, Italian plums, sugar plums

What can you find at our produce farm?

Our produce farm is filled with fresh vegetables of all varieties. Load your baskets to the brim with tasty items like:

  • Sweet corn
  • Tomatoes
  • Peppers
  • Eggplant
  • Zucchini
  • Squash
It doesn't matter if you're vegetarian, vegan, meat eating or somewhere in between-you're guaranteed to find something for you at our produce farm.

Did you enjoy yourself at our produce farm in Marcy, NY? If so, visit our Reviews page to tell us about your experience.

Our Produce Selection